Light Steel Structure Building

Light Steel Structure Building

  • Lightness in weight.

  • High strength and stiffness.

  • Ease of prefabrication and mass production.

  • Fast and easy erection and installation.

  • Substantial elimination of delays due to weather.

  • More accurate detailing.

  • Non shrinking and non creeping at ambient temperatures.

  • Termite-proof and rot proof.

  • Economy in transportation and handling.

  • Non combustibility.

  • Recyclable material.

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Light steel building are manufactured by Stud Mill which combined FrameCAD  software with Heyes’ roll forming technology. Using profiled steel as the structural frame, and finished by the factory prefab wall panels, which are transported and assembled as complete pieces on site.

The complexity designs of layout and facade to satisfy people from different background or with different artistic taste can be easily achieved according to the various options of construction  methods of Light steel building. This type of buildings has over 50-year service lifetime, because of the durably structural and decorative materials, which has been approved by the western countries.

Luxury, elegance and aesthetics are the first expression of the Light steel building to people.
Comfort, durability and safety are the second expression of the Light steel building to people.

Main Structure

1 Light steel keels
2 Roofing System
3 External wall system
4 Internal wall system
5 Floor system
6 Windows
7 Doors
8 Electrical system
9 Plumbing system
light steel building construction

The advantages

Suitable for extreme climate, can endure 9 grade seismic, 12 grade hurricane, 1500mm snow load, 2.5h fire resistance.


Moisture-proof and great ventilation design.villa house

Long lifespan up to 50 years.

modular construction

Dry construction and recycled building materials, environment-friendly.

green construction

Short construction period, saving up to 50% time period of construction.

modular construction

Construction Details


Typical Application



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