Bathroom Pod
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Bathroom Pod

The main features of bathroom pod is can be personalized designed, prefabricated produced in factory and modular installation. It has more advantages, like flexible design, safe and durable, clean and comfortable, energy-saving and convenient after-sales service, etc. We owns a large modern production base covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, with annual capacity of 50,000 bathroom pods. Our bathroom pod is widely used in both domestic and international housing area, such as affordable housing, apartment, hotel, modular building, natural disaster emergency housing, vessels and offshore platforms, etc.The pod has already achieved international certification.

Lotus bathroom pod design concept

Modular Advantages

  • Save site construction time.

    Two workers can install 3 sets of bathroom pods in one day.

  • Completely prevent bathroom leakage.

    Integral waterproof basin to ensure that there is no leakage risk.

  • High quality of construction.

    Factory assembly operations and the construction uniform norms to ensure waterproof,hydroelectricity and other hidden points are expected in the factory ahead of time.

  • Ensure the cleanliness of the constriction environment and reduce the construction noise and waste.

bathroom pod
modular bathroom

Lotus Bathroom Pod Introduction

Lotus Modular perfectly integrate the prefabricated bathroom with non-descend same-floor easy maintenance drainage system.

This is a new scientific and technological application in the field of same-floor sanitary drainage system, which realizes the bathroom drainage system on the same floor without descending the floor structure or extra raising the floor and through the drainage concentrator and special adjustable accessories to form a non-descend same-floor drainage easy maintenance bathroom pod system (we called WAB system).

bathroom pod wall construction
Modular Bathroom wall system

The wall system is tile cladding dry wall composite wall structure. The tiles are connected to the wall surface through dry wall system. The wall is large sized, firm connection and strong impact resistance. The wall and tiles are 100% prefabricated and connected. And the colors and sizes can be selected for easy and fast installation.

The drainage base can be customized according to different room types. The dry area base can also be freely piped to use U-shaped grooves and special floor drains for drainage, which facilitates the cleaning of dirt. The base is down-to-floor, no elevaion foot needed, and has no empty drum feeling. The decoration can be tile slabs, high-grade stone, and no plastic feeling.

bathroom base basin
bathroom special floor drain
bathroom ceiling

The bathroom ceiling is the assembled&connection module instead of the traditional ceiling stud. It is 100% prefabricated and can be customized according to different customer requirement. It meets the Class A fire protection requirements and it is easy and quick to install.

prefab unit bathroom ceiling system

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Lotus Bathroom Pods System Composition

Lotus Modular  WAB system(non-descend same-floor drainage easy maintenance bathroom pod system) consist of 3 main parts:

  • HDPE silent drainage pipe system
  • Concealed wall mounting system
  • Special sanitary ware,special water trap&floor drain, etc.
same floor drainage pipe system
non-descend same-floor drainage easy maintenance bathroom pod system

HDPE high-density polyethylene pipes are made of PE100 grade raw materials. They have excellent UV resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, and excellent resistance to acid rain to ensure that the inner wall is smooth and difficult to block.

Complete specifications of pipes and pipe fittings to meet various engineering needs;
The HDPE pipe has good toughness, air tightness and aging resistance;

Sovent is a kind of air-water mixed drainage device. It is generally used in the branch / riser connection on each floor of a high-rise building. It can connect 6 drainage branches at the same time. Its specially designed internal structure can effectively control the air-water mixing degree in the drainage riser to achieve  efficient same-floor drainage system by a single standpipe.

The working principle of Sovent: Sewage wastewater flows into the main pipe from the Sovent branch pipe. When the water flows into Sovent, the gas is pressed upward due to the impulse of the water flow, thereby forming the effect of gas-water separation.

This system is an important part of the same-floor drainage system. The concealed installation system integrates all sanitary pipes, water tanks and mounting brackets into the fake wall. Only the wall-mounted sanitary appliances are exposed outside the wall as the entrance for drainage on the same floor, leaving the bathroom unlimited creative space.

bathroom wall mounting system

For the same-floor WAB drainage system, all accessories such as floor drains and straps need to use special components to ensure that the entire bathroom system is no peculiar smell, low noise, easy maintenance, and smooth drainage.


Floor drain:

Sanitary ware&other facilities:

Why Lotus Bathroom Pods

  • High degree of prefabrication

    98% prefabrication rate.

  • Good waterproof performance

    Integratedbase, eliminates leak risk.

  • Professional factory production, can be customized

    high quality guaranteed

  • Save cost

    save at least 30% comprehensive construction cost.

  • Easy maintenance

    special access port design for easy maintenance

  • High space utilization

    no decent floor,no elevation,increase at least 10% space utilization.

  • Good sound insulation

    reduce the noise to around 30Db.

  • Good fire resistance

    Minimum floor penetratation and special standpipe fire ring design.

Lotus Modular Bathroom pod advantages
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Bathroom Pod Performance

Typical Application

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