FusionDC1000A Prefabricated All-in-One Data Center

Huawei Prefabricated Data Center

The FusionDC1000A provides an outdoor prefabricated all-in-one data center solution to carry IT/CT devices by creating a stable, reliable, and energy-saving power environment. lt provides 40-feet/20-feet standard products, 2N and N+X redundancy configurations. It is applicable to various industries and scenarios, such as enterprises, smart cities, universities/research institutes, production/survey, financial institutions, airports/ railway transportation/ports, and carriers.

One DC within one container structure, onsite installation within one day, plug-and-play. The solution supports fast migration and flexible deployment, digital and visualized mobile O&M,unattended operation,9-degree earthquake resistance, IP55 protection level(Standard configuration), and 25-year service life(Customization: up to 50 years).

By 2019, Huawei FusionDC1000 prefabricated modular data center solution ranked No.1 in shipments for five consecutive years, serving thousands of industries around the world.

Huawei Prefabricated Data Center

FusionDC1000B Prefabricated Modular Data Center (Small- and Medium-Sized)

The FusionDC1000B is a small- and medium-sized prefabricated modular solution. The datacenter solution consists of equipment modules, power modules, and auxiliary modules. The number of modules can be flexibly selected based on customer requirements to form a datacenter that meets customer requirements. All modules are prefabricated in the factory to minimize onsite workload and implement quick deployment.

ln addition, the solution integrates Al technologies (iPower, iManager, and iCooling) toimprove the reliability and availability of the data center and reduce system energyconsumption.

Huawei Prefabricated Data Center

FusionDC1000C Prefabricated Modular Data Center (Large-Scale)

FusionDC1000C is a prefabricated modular data center that adopts the modular design, Legoblock concept, and factory pre-integration test to minimize onsite workload and support fastdeploy.

Pre-fab modules are classified into five types based on functions: equipment module, MEPmodule (cooling), power module and hydropower module(Valves & Pumps).

The prefabricated modular data center is configured with the data center infrastructuremanagement (DCIM) system. ln addition, the Al technologies (iCooling, iPower, and iManager) are used to improve the TCO and cash flow of the customer throughout the datacenter life cycle, helping the customer achieve business success.

Huawei Containrized Data Center

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